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My 36 Year Anniversary

My 36 Year Anniversary

| May 11, 2023

Tomorrow marks my 36th anniversary in the financial services industry.  There has been a lot of talk recently whether this is a good time to invest in markets.  I started with E.F. Hutton in Carlsbad on Marron Rd.  When I talk, you better listen. My first day of production was October 1st 1987.  We had many of the same concerns about markets and the President. Nineteen days after I started the stock market crashed, falling over 22% in one day. Seems like a horrible time to get started in the industry.  The two months after starting production E. F. Hutton was bought by Shearson Lehman Brothers. There were many changes through the years. During my first 6 years in the business my firm name changed names 7 times.  I have been through at least 10 mergers and several name changes. So, what did I do through all these changes?  I worked hard and continued to believe the most important part of my success was myself.  Through perseverance, ignorance (I believe I can do anything with enough effort) and continually growing, I made it this far.  

What does this tell us about the markets?  Well, the DJIA finished at 1738. Today it is trading at 33,280 as of this writing. Between the day I started there have been many events and problems which people worried about and fretted over. The S&L crisis, Honk Kong crisis, wars, another crash and the coup de gras was a world wide pandemic were all events making people afraid.  But, if you persevere, grow and believe markets go up over time ( 1738 to 33,280) you will be successful.

As I have for 36 years I am here to help and answer any questions you may have.